We Are 1D's Crazy Mofos


HAHAHA… Oh god. Why don’t I remember seeing this…. So funny. -Sophia Rose ❤️



You & I - Music Video

Now if we could just keep making copies of them…- Lily Damn you beat me to it…. And of course they couldn’t keep it serious throughout the whole video lol -Sophia Rose ❤️


let’s focus on dumb and even dumber


Yes…let’s focus on dumb and dumber-Lily This would be me and you… -Sophia Rose ❤️



What was your first attempt at doing a british accent like? (x)

Sophia. Watch lol

Holy crap… I heard Harry… SCARY -Sophia Rose <3

Obsessed with him again&#8230;-Lily

Obsessed with him again…-Lily


majestic hair flowing in the wind

The comment makes me giggle -Sophia Rose ❤️

You total and complete weirdos…. that I love… must mean I’m a weirdo too. -Sophia Rose <3

I cant wait for the WWT to start! :D

reminder that this was just 5 minutes into the entire 8 hours

Again, he knows how to make me giggle.. even when I really don’t want too… ugh.. why don’t I know this kid… -Sophia Rose <3